Waste Management

Ayesa provides world-leading advisory, geo-environmental, and waste engineering consulting services across various sectors including commercial, industrial, municipal, radiological, construction, and renewable energy.

Our mission is to support the design and operation of waste facilities, promote sustainable waste solutions, and guide clients throughout the waste management lifecycle – from site evaluation to closure and remediation. We drive sustainable development with energy-efficient solutions and technologies, leading significant landfill projects globally and unlocking commercial opportunities through land remediation and rehabilitationOur multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive waste management services alongside environmental assessment, geotechnics, and sustainability.  

Waste Management Solutions: 

Ayesa provides comprehensive waste management solutions for private and public sector clients, covering minimisation, recycling, treatment, disposal, and energy recovery. The waste sector is highly regulated and challenging, but our senior staff bring over 25 years of experience to support clients through the entire waste management lifecycle. Our in-house team includes specialists in waste permitting, chemistry, hydrogeology, geotechnical and civil engineering, geology, ecology, solid and liquid waste treatment, gas management, waste planning, environmental and social impact assessment, environmental monitoring, and auditing. 

Unlocking Opportunity 

Our waste team helps unlock commercial opportunities by assisting clients to reuse, recycle, or recover resources from waste. Our teams also recommend solutions to treat waste, thus reducing any environmental impacts. In addition, we have extensive experience and expertise in the remediation of former landfills to prevent pollution or to support clients who wish to bring the land back into productive use. 


Our experts provide a wide range of training courses relating to waste management, environmental assessment, geotechnics, and sustainability. Many of the technical courses are endorsed by the Geological Society and count towards CPD. In addition, we are contracted to the UK Environment Agency to provide their staff with training in Advanced Landfill Engineering. We run our training courses as interactive workshops, but we can create bespoke learning programmes and styles, as required. 

Global Landfill Expertise: 

We have successfully delivered some of the world’s most significant landfill development projects, including the 18 million cubic metre capacity triple-landfill complex at Oman’s Sohar Industrial Waste Handling and Treatment Facility (IWHTF). Our work encompassed extensive environmental studies, designing a 30-year site master plan, and preparing detailed designs for Class I hazardous, Class II non-hazardous, and inert landfills. We also designed the 400,000 cubic metre earthworks to create the construction platform for multiple waste treatment facilities at the site. A project of this scale requires meticulous planning and sequencing of earthworks, infrastructure, complex geosynthetics installation, and leachate management lagoons. Reflecting the contract’s scale and scope, we provided a comprehensive suite of project management and technical services, including site investigations, construction specifications, site-based construction support (including CQA), and operational, environmental monitoring, and closure plans. Thorough investigations were crucial for delivering the optimum design, with our team conducting hydrogeological risk assessments, surface water management studies, and geotechnical risk assessments to inform the design. 

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