November 16, 2023

Ayesa develops an app to improve the services offered by Murcia’s regional tax office

The app, which helps taxpayers easily access their account, is available on Google Play.

Ayesa, a global provider of engineering and technology services, has developed a new app for the regional tax office in Murcia. This innovative solution, which allows residents to easily access their tax account, can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The company, which is already working on the second and final version of the app, has also been responsible for its implementation and will provide maintenance services.

The solution will not only make trips to the local tax office unnecessary, but also speed up the time it takes to complete processes. This is expected to lead to an increase in voluntary contributions, whilst minimising enforcement action. ‘The result is a much more convenient system for taxpayers’, explains Alonso Jiménez.

The Head of the Public Sector division at Ayesa also notes how users ‘will benefit from being able to quickly take action on their account without having to physically go into their tax office’. Services that can be accessed on the app include making payments, checking direct debits and even setting up a customised tax calendar. Alonso adds: ‘If they do have to go into a tax office, they can make an appointment on their mobile phone or tablet’.



Ayesa’s work has involved developing the app, implementing it, making it available on Google Play, providing the necessary back-office services, and creating the web application used to manage it. As part of the project, it has also carried out security checks and analysed the accessibility of an existing app known as PROSA, used by local police to manage fines for driving offences.

In terms of technology, Kotlin has been used for the app, Angular for the web application, SpringBoot and Java Development Kit for the back-office services, JPA for database access, and Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release for the database itself.

The new solution is part of the Strategic Plan of the Regional Tax Office of Murcia. Its aim is to allow taxpayers to access services with greater ease and improve communication with them, as well as speed up the time it takes them to complete processes. ‘This contract has allowed us to work closely with the Regional Tax Office of Murcia as part of a highly visible project of great importance to them. It also puts us in an even better position from which to secure similar contracts’, concludes Alonso.


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