November 16, 2023

Ayesa-Ibermática named IBM Cybersecurity Partner of the Year 2023

The award, presented at the IBM Ecosystem Summit 2023, recognises the joint efforts by Ayesa and IBM to offer outstanding on-premise and SOCaaS services.

Ayesa, a global provider of engineering and technology services, through Ibermática, has been named Cybersecurity Partner of the Year 2023 by IBM. Both companies have worked together for more than ten years to offer their clients on-premise services for their central systems as well as cloud-based SOCaaS solutions. Ayesa’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) is based fundamentally on IBM’s technology.

This latest achievement was announced during the IBM Ecosystem Summit 2023, which took place this afternoon at IBM’s head office in Madrid. The aim of the annual event is to recognise the work of its most outstanding partners over the past year.



This year’s slogan was ‘Let’s go further together’, the aim of which, according to IBM, was to highlight ‘the importance of our journey together’. During the event, the President of IBM Horacio Morell talked about its achievements over the past year, where it is heading, and its commitment to bringing AI to businesses through watsonx.

Ayesa was represented at the awards ceremony by Álvaro Fraile, Head of Cybersecurity at Ayesa-Ibermática. He explained how the achievement is a clear reflection of the ‘solid partnership between our two companies: one of which develops outstanding technology and another that harnesses it to offer its clients exceptional services’, going on to note that ‘thanks to the technology itself and our team who expertly use and manage it, we can confidently say we’re in the premier league of cybersecurity companies’.

Álvaro also remarked that, as Ayesa is interested in forging long-term partnerships, ‘we place great emphasis on knowing the roadmap of the companies that develop the technology our services are based on, ensuring they are as aligned as possible with our objectives’. He added: ‘As part of our quest to offer our clients nothing but the very best, we use technology by market leaders, and IBM is no exception’.

This is the not the first time that Ayesa-Ibermática has received this award. In recent years, it has been named IBM Cloud Service Partner of the Year twice. This was made possible by Ayesa-Ibermática’s extensive range of cloud, infrastructure, cybersecurity, blockchain, data and AI services, the collaboration of both companies on a number of AI and big data projects, and Ayesa-Ibermática’s capacity to transform organisations through hybrid cloud services.

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