June 28, 2023

Ayesa automates the 012 government customer service centre in Murcia

Ayesa partners with client – the Regional Government of Murcia to deliver an Advanced Multichannel Public Customer Service Center

The 012 service in Spain is a telephone helpline commonly used by public citizens in Murcia to access information and assistance from local and regional government administrations. As part of a comprehensive plan to upgrade this 012 Public Service, Ayesa is delivering a number of enhancements, including an automated query handling system to speed up responses and problem resolution without the need for agent assistance.

The Vice President of the Regional Government of Murcia and Minister for Transparency, Participation and Cooperation Isabel Franco recently visited the service’s new facilities, and commented ‘As the first step, we are automating appointment scheduling as well as user’s jobseeker status’.

Throughout the duration of the contract, Ayesa will help deliver systematic automation of key functionalities for speed and efficiency. The plan is to add additional channels, including instant messaging (WhatsApp), live chat and web forms, while prioritising those citizens over the age of 60. The goals is to personalise and improve the service for everyone.

300,000 Citizens Have Already utilised The Improved Service in 2023

The 012 service, which provides information as well as allowing callers to make appointments at government offices, has helped 300,000 people in the first half of 2023. In 2022, the system handled 566,605 queries, and in 2021 this figure rose to 600,000 due to the pandemic.

According to Jesús Morón, the Director of Ayesa’s Public Sector BPO division, one of the aims of modernising the system is to be able to ‘provide assistance to a greater number of people by introducing new channels, such as social media, as well as using artificial intelligence’. The long-term goal is to introduce an omnichannel model for a truly centralised service.

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