February 22, 2022

Ayesa implements a new tax management system in La Rioja

Ayesa, a global technology and engineering services provider, continues to expand in Spain through IT projects for the public sector. One of the most recent involves the implementation of a tax management system for La Rioja, which will handle more than 1,700 million euros in taxes set to be collected by the regional government via this means.

Known as GRIAR (La Rioja Regional Resource and Revenue Management System), it is an adaptation of SUR (the Single Resource System), which belongs to the Regional Government of Andalusia and was developed by Ayesa. The contract, the value of which exceeds two million euros, has a duration of 30 months.

The platform includes both a portal to allow the public to manage their taxes and a back office for public-sector workers. It handles all aspects relating to the collection, calculation, filing, payment and processing of taxes, and is integrated with other relevant bodies and organisations involved in handling taxes.

The taxes to be managed by the system include those assigned by the State, namely property transfer, inheritance and gift tax, and the autonomous community’s own taxes, such as the water treatment and visual impact levy.

Ayesa will also allow GRIAR to handle local taxes so that all councils in the region are able to manage this revenue through the system.

‘The project’s main aim is to implement a solution that allows taxes to be managed in a modern, integrated and efficient manner, thereby enabling the region to cut costs. It will be integrated with existing systems and the latest technology will be used for the deployment, maintenance and evolution of the system, as well as to foster transparency and effective communication between the public and companies . What’s more, we will help implement any new requirements that arise as a result of changes to the law, as well improve the service offered as and when needed’, explains Germán del Real, Managing Director of Ayesa in Spain.

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