November 28, 2023

Ayesa is awarded a 4.18-million-euro contract to develop a new census system for the National Statistics Institute

The solution will take 28 months to implement and, once in place, will provide a real-time census based on data from town and city halls.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has been awarded a contract valued at EUR 4.18 million by the National Statistics Institute (INE) to develop a new online census system.

The aim is to develop a solution that allows all those involved in local censuses to seamlessly exchange information. This is particularly important to ensure the effective provision of public services.

The current system, which sees town and city halls exchange files with the INE on a monthly basis, has worked well over the past 25 years. However, by the time monthly files are processed by the INE, the population has changed, meaning that the census is never completely accurate. Moreover, the lack of up-to-date information at a regional level causes a number of problems, which is why a new solution is required.

The new system will allow town and city halls to easily share information with the INE, instead of having to exchange files. Unlike with the old system, where individuals are registered at two homes, they will only be counted once on the census.

The project will seek to cause minimal change to the way town and city halls work. As such, where effective systems are already in place at a local level, these will remain in place, whilst assistance will be provided to those that have been unable to implement an optimal system due to economic or staffing constraints.


The scope of Ayesa’s contract

The contract awarded to Ayesa, which is expected to last 28 months, will see it design the new census system, including its overall architecture. This will involve developing the system used to update the database, creating a population data model, establishing how long the old and new systems will exist side by side, designing an application for use by town and city halls, and carrying out integration and performance testing.

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