May 10, 2023

Valencia: Ayesa is awarded a six-million-euro contract to upgrade the region’s education management system

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, continues to drive digitalisation in Spain’s education sector.

By implementing educational management and e-learning platforms, Ayesa is helping to modernise the country’s education system in fifteen autonomous communities across Spain, yielding benefits for more than 19,300 schools, colleges and universities, and approximately 3,700,000 students and  300,000 teachers.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience, Ayesa has developed nearly 105,000 virtual classrooms across the country, in addition to online and blended learning platforms based on Moodle technology. Ayesa has rapidly expanded its presence in the sector in Spain, doubling its reach within just two years. With ongoing involvement in projects across nine autonomous communities, the company’s notable recent achievement includes winning three lots valued at over six million euros.

This contract includes an extensive digitalisation of key components of Valencia’s education system including overseeing the Educational Management Systems Governance Office, developing HR management applications, and creating applications for the Collaborative Digital Hub and e-learning platforms.

In the words of the Director of Ayesa’s Education Division, Juan Pavón: ‘this project demonstrates Ayesa’s leadership position in educational management systems in Spain’.

Building upon its success, Ayesa has secured other significant government contracts across Spain. These include prestigious contracts in Madrid (Rey Juan Carlos University), the Basque Country, Castile and León, Valencia, as well as Ceuta and Melilla. Notably, the contracts with the highest value have been secured in Valencia, Ceuta, Melilla, Andalusia, Extremadura, and the Canary Islands. These achievements further reinforce Ayesa’s reputation as a trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions in the education sector throughout Spain.

Ayesa’s educational management solutions have been successfully implemented across different regions in Spain, adapting to the unique needs of schools, colleges, and universities. Examples of these platforms include Seneca and iPasen (Andalusia), Rayuela (Extremadura), Delphos and Papás (Castilla–La Mancha), Yedra (Cantabria), Sauce (Asturias), Racima (La Rioja), Ecoeduca (Navarra), Raíces and Roble (Madrid), and more recently Fenicia (a project of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training for the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla). The list of platforms continues to expand, reflecting Ayesa’s ongoing commitment to enhancing educational systems across the country.

These platforms have enabled the digitalization and centralization of various tasks and information, including enrollment, assessments, attendance tracking, teacher timetables, curricula, syllabi, financial management, career guidance, and occupational health and safety. By integrating these systems, Ayesa has empowered educational institutions, students, teaching staff, and families to streamline communication and access vital information, ensuring efficient management of academic and administrative functions.

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