May 16, 2023

Ayesa links the electronic health record systems utilized by Osakidetza and Spain’s National Health Service.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is continuing to advance the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.  Through its subsidiary, Ibermática, it is presently engaged in a project to integrate the electronic health record (EHR) systems used by the Basque Health Service (Carpeta de Salud) and Spain’s National Health Service (Historia Clínica Digital).

Carpeta de Salud features a secure platform that enables users over 16 years of age to manage their medical records, update contact details, schedule and confirm appointments, communicate with medical and non-medical staff, receive alerts and reminders, and access a wide range of information.

The contract awarded to Ayesa includes upgrading the system with advanced authentication/cybersecurity features, and interoperability with the National Health Service records, allowing for information exchange at a European level. Additionally, Ibermatica has enhanced maintenance quality and provided structured and high-level support for the system’s one hundred applications.

Features of Carpeta de Salud

The EHR system implemented by Ayesa in the Basque Country is regarded as one of the most advanced in Spain, offering a range of features that enable users to:

  • Quickly view their latest test results and reports, upcoming appointments, ongoing treatments, and tasks they must complete as part of follow-up programs.
  • Access and update their personal details, such as their telephone number and email address.
  • See and download discharge, surgical, anatomical pathology, GP, and imaging test reports, as well as results from blood tests and other types of procedures, including endoscopies and bone density tests.
  • View past prescriptions and ongoing treatments (patients taking acenocoumarol can also download treatment guidelines).
  • See their vaccine record, level of exposure to radiation from imaging tests (CAT scans, etc.), and allergies, as well as obtain a summary of their medical history and a QR code to access it.
  • Check the dates of elective surgeries and send non-medical queries via email.
  • Make an appointment at their GP surgery without having to log in again.
  • See and download confirmation of any primary care or hospital appointments they have.
  • Access external reports uploaded to the system, such as those relating to company medical exams and test results.
  • Interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs) by making notes on their medical records (through Mi Diario), receiving email alerts from HCPs asking them to log into the EHR system (using Mensajes Pacientes), and sending their questions to them through the platform.
  • Receive reminders related to colon, breast, and cervical cancer screening, as well as see reports for tests carried out.
  • View their advance directive (living will), if applicable.
  • See EHRs belonging to others, where they have authorization to do so.
  • Access information relating to initiatives designed to promote healthy living.

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