May 18, 2023

Ayesa selects Google Cloud as partner for data lakehouse

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, selects Google Cloud to power its data lakehouse

Ayesa has reached a significant milestone towards its journey to becoming a fully data-driven company.  Ayesa will improve its decision-making processes and management through the utilization of this newly implemented architecture and suite of data services.  Throughout this project, Ayesa has partnered with Telefónica which has further enhanced its capabilities.

A data lakehouse is a concept that combines the features and benefits of both data lakes (which stores large volumes of raw, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data) and data warehouses (A centralized, structured repository of data that is optimized for reporting, analytics, and business intelligence purposes). The data lakehouse addresses the limitations and challenges associated with traditional data warehouses and data lakes by providing a unified and integrated approach to data storage, management, and analysis.

By establishing a corporate data lakehouse on Google Cloud’s BigQuery platform: Ayesa decision-makers can access a centralized and reliable “single source of truth” for the company’s strategic areas, including commercial, employee, and economic-financial divisions. The data stored in this database will be reliable, up-to-date, and of high integrity and quality, while also instantly accessible and secure.

The platform can provide predictive and prescriptive functions that can anticipate future events using advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Additionally, Ayesa will have the flexibility to select and adopt the most suitable business intelligence solution for its evolving needs, enabling efficient exploitation and representation of information.

Miguel Merino, Chief Data Officer of Ayesa, highlights that this technological project “establishes the basis for the entire corporation to have reliable, error-free information, empowering different departmental areas to customise dashboards in a governed and secure manner without relying on technical support from systems teams.”

He adds “This is critically important at this time as ayesa incorporates information from recently acquired companies. The benefits of this initiative include improved data quality when extracted directly from sources, reuse of connectors, and combined terminology through a common glossary of terms.”

The project follows the principles outlined in DMBOK (Data Management Book of Knowledge), a reference methodology for designing data architecture, enabling efficient data extraction (both in batches and real-time), creating a unified layer of common data, and calculating the key indicators demanded by the company.

Full cloud
By partnering with Google Cloud, Ayesa reinforces its commitment to cloud technology and accesses the analytical services of one of the leading hyperscalers in the market.

Google Cloud provides advanced tools for data collection, storage, processing, and analysis, emphasizing security, ease of use, open-source compatibility, and accessibility through APIs.

Furthermore, Google Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools that will help Ayesa automate tasks and extract maximum value from its data.

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