July 3, 2024

Ayesa to modernise some of Seville’s most iconic bridges with climate-proofing

The contract, which was been awarded by the City Planning Department of Seville, involves 12 bridges.

The project is expected to be particularly complex as it combines structural, functional, aesthetic, social, historical and architectural aspects.

Bridges are structures that form part of the fabric of our countryside and cities. With its long history, Seville has a number of them, each one contributing to its identity. Among them, Cristo de la Expiración Bridge (commonly known as Puente del Cachorro), La Barqueta Bridge, Isabel II Bridge and Triana Bridge all stand out.

Ayesa has been involved in many of these iconic bridges and has now been tasked with inspecting and modernising them. This will see it install structures to provide shade as well as climate-proofing features to allow them to withstand the city’s high summer temperatures.

The project, awarded by Seville’s City Planning Department, is particularly complex as it combines different structural, functional, aesthetic, social, historical and architectural aspects. As such, it will require the company to take into account various factors and limitations, particularly as some of the bridges are in Seville’s old town and have great symbolic value.

This will represent a significant challenge for the company, which will need to draw on all its expertise and technology as well as its best staff in order to offer an optimal solution for the city’s residents.

The aim of Seville City Hall is to improve the bridges for pedestrians, sheltering them from the sun and rain.

The contract, valued at EUR 600,000, has been divided into two blocks. The first includes the bridges that cross Canal de Alfonso XIII, i.e. Los Remedios Bridge, San Telmo Bridge, Isabel II Bridge, Cristo de la Expiración Bridge, La Cartuja Bridge and La Barqueta Bridge. The second block covers those that cross the city’s railway, and include Pasarela de la Calzada and those on Avenida José Laguillo, Calle Samaniego, Avenida Alcalde Manuel del Valle, Carretera de Carmona and Ronda Urbana Norte.

The first step will be to evaluate the structures. Inspection work will be carried out by specialist teams and, where necessary, drones, aerial work platforms, access platforms, barges and even underwater equipment will be used. Also, during this phase calculation models will be developed using specialist software to determine the conditions of the bridges.

Subsequently, the company will design features to provide shade and climate-proofing.

Luis Frías, Head of the Structures Section at Ayesa, explains: ‘The project is particularly unique in terms of its scope and location. As such, we will be working on some of the city’s most iconic bridges, modernising them to improve the experience of pedestrians’.

The company has extensive experience in this area and has participated in various projects involving the same bridges. For example, it designed and supervised the construction of Cristo de la Expiración Bridge, planned and oversaw repair work on San Telmo Bridge, and created a maintenance plan for La Cartuja Bridge and La Barqueta Bridge.

It is currently providing design and inspection services for masonry and concrete bridges on Adif’s central and southern rail network.

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