July 8, 2024

Ayesa’s rail projects exceed 600 kilometres as they continue to play a major role in advancing Spain’s railway infrastructure

The latest contract win by Ayesa includes the provision of consultancy and technical services to deliver a 14-kilometer high-speed rail section between Calahorra de Boedo and Alar del Rey on the Palencia-Santander line enabling speeds of up to 350km/h.

Ayesa is also providing construction oversight for two new tracks and a platform at the iconic Madrid Atocha Station.

Ayesa, a global leader in technology and engineering services, continues to make its mark in Spain’s railway sector, contributing to developing and modernising conventional and high-speed rail networks. With its comprehensive expertise spanning several decades, Ayesa now proudly announces its active involvement in key railway projects across Spain, cumulatively surpassing 600 kilometres.

Among Ayesa’s significant wins is the provision of consultancy and technical assistance for the high-speed rail segment between Calahorra de Boedo and Alar del Rey, part of the Palencia-Santander line. This new segment, which stretches for almost 14 kilometres, will allow trains to achieve speeds of up to 350 km/h. This project, backed by a budget of 109.5 million euros and slated for completion within three years, is a testament to Ayesa’s dedication to excellence. The company’s role encompasses complete project oversight, ensuring compliance with budget, deadlines, and quality standards while adhering to strict environmental, health and safety guidelines. Additionally, Ayesa manages expropriations, a critical aspect of facilitating the acquisition of private land for public railway projects and ensuring fair compensation and legal compliance.

In collaboration with Adif Alta Velocidad’s extensive 650 million euro redevelopment and refurbishment of Madrid’s iconic Atocha Station, Ayesa is overseeing the development of two new tracks and a platform, representing a 54.5 million euro investment. A cornerstone of this expansión plan is the creation of an underground through-station designed to integrate all of Madrid’s high-speed rail lines, with meticulous planning to modify two of Atocha’s 15 high-speed tracks without service interruptions during the upgrades.

Beyond these projects, Ayesa’s portfolio boasts involvement in several complementary projects to improve Spain’s rail infrastructure. This includes upgrades at Barcelona’s La Sagrera station, creating new rail access south of the Port of Castellón, enhancing connectivity at the Port of Sagunto, and improvements at the Bergara junction in the Basque “Y” network. Further, Ayesa is engaged in the renewal of the Madrid-Seville high-speed corridor’s superstructure, track renewals between Brazatortas and Guadalmez, and a comprehensive update of infrastructure and tracks on a segment of the Zafra-Huelva corridor.

Álvaro Bravo, Head of Construction Supervision and PMO at Ayesa, emphasises the transformative impact of these initiatives: “These projects are crucial in boosting connectivity between major urban centres, shortening travel times for the public, and reinforcing the railway’s role as a primary mode of freight transport across Spain”.

Ayesa’s success in securing these varied and expansive rail projects underscores its expertise and dedication to advancing Spain’s transportation infrastructure. Ayesa is currently ranked in the World’s Top 30 (#26) Transportation Design Firms, as surveyed in the 2023 ENR Global Sourcebook.

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