December 28, 2023

Ayesa appointed to progress the design and construction of €57 million Arklow flood relief scheme

This scheme forms part of a €1.3 billion investment by the Irish government in its National Development Plan 2030 to protect approximately 23,000 properties in threatened communities from river and coastal flood risk.

Ayesa, an international provider of engineering services, is delighted to announce its appointment to progress the tendering and detailed design and construction of the Arklow Flood Relief Scheme, a Major Scheme aimed at mitigating recurring flooding challenges in Arklow town that houses a population of almost 14,000 citizens. Following the successful planning approval granted by An Bord Pleanála in July 2022, Ayesa is now advancing the scheme to its next stage. At the official signing event last week were Wicklow County Council, the Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan, T.D., and Director of Ayesa, Michael Looby. The signing formally recognised Ayesa’s appointment to progress the detailed design and construction of this vital scheme, for which we have already played a vital part in securing planning approval.

The Project includes an investment of €57m funded by the Office of Public Works (OPW) and overseen by Wicklow County Council (WCC), addresses the historical impact of flood events and the escalating risks posed by climate change, sediment transport, and other contributing factors. This scheme is part of a 1.3 billion euro investment committed by the Irish Government to protect approximately 23,000 properties in threatened communities from river and coastal flood risk through 2030.

The Arklow Flood Relief Scheme encompasses a comprehensive set of measures, including constructing flood defences, embankments, and improvements to the Avoca River. Ayesa is responsible for designing a scheme to withstand both fluvial and tidal flood events, and it involves strategic modifications such as dredging, bridge adjustments, and the installation of roosting platforms to enhance the overall resilience of the town.



Michael Looby, Director at Ayesa, stated: “Flood relief schemes are complex endeavours that require a multidisciplinary understanding of both engineering principles and the unique challenges posed by environmental factors. With our proven track record in successfully delivering major flood schemes, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute our extensive experience and expertise to this crucial infrastructure development. We are committed to providing a resilient and adaptive flood relief scheme that addresses current challenges and anticipates future climate change impacts. We look forward to collaborating with Wicklow County Council and the Office of Public Works to bring this crucial project to fruition, ensuring the safety and protection of the Arklow community.”

Minister O’Donovan stated, “This is an important investment for the town, and when complete, will protect some 637 residential and 141 commercial properties. Residents and business people in Arklow can be assured that my office and Wicklow County Council will continue to work closely together with Ayesa Consultant Engineers to progress this scheme through the design stage to construction.”

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