December 19, 2023

Ayesa uses MuleSoft to integrate Ibermática’s systems

The software is now a key part of the company’s systems map, allowing it to connect all its applications and data.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has recently implemented and used MuleSoft to integrate the systems in place at Ibermática. The group acquired the IT company in December of last year, a move that saw its number of employees increase by almost 5000.

The platform, which is now a central piece of the group’s systems map, allows it to connect all its applications and data. Ayesa is currently working towards the full integration of all its companies in order to enable them to work as one.

MuleSoft has allowed the systems and applications in place at Ayesa and Ibermática to be quickly and efficiently interconnected, something that has enabled it to achieve its ambitious time-to-market target.

Following the integration of their CRM solutions during the first phase of the project, the next step will be to merge their HR and project management systems.

Pablo Sánchez, CIO of Ayesa, and Víctor Manuel Octavio, Global Head of Corporate Applications, note that MuleSoft is ‘the ideal platform’ for the integration of the group’s systems. They also explain how ‘it features a large number of connectors for the main solutions used at the group, such as Salesforce (which our current CRM is based on), SAP and Microsoft, making integration much easier’.

Another particularly useful feature of MuleSoft is the high level of reusability it offers. This allows integration objects or processes to be built and used again by another user, provided they have the necessary permissions. In this regard, Víctor highlights how ‘appification could be used to allow our various business areas to access Ayesa’s core processes and data in a controlled and secure manner by creating specific apps for them as and when needed’.


Integration process

The integration process began with concept testing, during which Ayesa confirmed with MuleSoft that the solution would be able to meet Ayesa’s main needs. Once this had been established, the various tools and technologies that needed to be integrated, as well as those that may need to be integrated in the future, were identified.

A training plan was also created alongside MuleSoft for experts at Ayesa. This covered the initial launch of the platform as well as best practices, and aimed to ensure the solution could be scaled up in an orderly manner.

The integration of the CRM systems has now been completed and the sales processes in place at Ayesa and Ibermática have been merged into a single solution. This has involved integrating Salesforce with the various back-end systems in place at Ibermática that are integrated with its CRM system. These include SAP, Super and its document management system. Other systems are currently being integrated and work is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. This will allow staff at Ayesa to carry out certain HR-related tasks on a self-service basis.

MuleSoft will also be used for all other business processes that are yet to be integrated, such as HR, project and production management. The solution, which ensures full transparency, will be used by all employees at the company. Although it does not have a front end that users are able to see (except for the system developers), it supports all Ayesa’s applications.

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