December 29, 2022

Ayesa Successfully Acquires Ibermática

Ayesa, a leading global provider of technology and engineering services, has successfully finalized its acquisition of Ibermática. The acquisition was officially announced on August 24th, following the required approvals from the Spanish National Markets, the Competition Commission and the Spanish Government.

Ibermática will now merge with Ayesa, forming a leading digital services group that can effectively support large clients in their digital transformation initiatives.

With a projected turnover exceeding €640 million by the end of 2022, the newly formed group will rank among the top five players in its niche within the Spanish IT market, boasting a talented team of over 11,000 professionals.

This corporate transaction marks the third successful acquisition by Ayesa this year, following the addition of A&M Capital Europe as a majority shareholder and the integration of the Irish engineering firm ByrneLooby and Madrid consultancy M2C, that specialize in data management.

Ayesa now stands as a leading provider of cutting-edge technological capabilities in artificial intelligence, data analytics, process automation, robotics, and cloud-native application development.

With a wide reach across various sectors and a presence in 23 countries, Ayesa caters for diverse client needs on a global scale.

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