December 28, 2022

The Ministry of Justice to improve its user support service with the assistance of Ibermática

The IT company will implement a data-driven solution across all Ministry of Justice sites, enabling more effective decision-making and improved verification of issues

Ibermática has been awarded a contract worth over 17 million euros to deliver comprehensive user support and site management services for the Ministry of Justice. This partnership aims to transform and enhance the Ministry’s user support service by optimizing processes and leveraging existing solutions from Ibermática’s Service Factory. The Service Factory incorporates a wide range of automation tools that have demonstrated operational and management benefits. The scope of the contract encompasses all aspects necessary to ensure the highest level of user satisfaction regarding the IT services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

As an integral part of its 2030 Justice Plan, the Ministry of Justice in Spain is dedicated to enhancing the rights and protections provided to citizens, improving the efficiency of public services, and ensuring widespread access to justice across the nation. To achieve these objectives, the Ministry is fully committed to undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation process aimed at optimizing effectiveness. This initiative entails implementing instruments that promote collaboration and coordination among institutions while avoiding overlapping competencies.

As part of this plan, the ministry has entrusted Ibermática with providing a new user and IT support service at all its sites. The primary goal is to streamline the service by focusing on cost optimization, effectiveness, efficiency, and overall improvement of quality. Therefore, Ibermática’s contract encompasses all essential aspects to ensure the highest level of user satisfaction regarding the IT services provided by the ministry.

As part of its responsibilities, Ibermática will deliver multi-level, multi-channel support to users, leveraging teams of IT experts and administrative specialists in procedural law. This support will be facilitated through a combination of automated systems and on-site staff at courts, ensuring a seamless user experience following an issue-to-resolution model. The aim is to provide consistent and reliable support across various channels, including video assistance, to meet the diverse needs of users.

In addition, Ibermática will take charge of the implementation and support of workstations, including comprehensive IT asset management. This entails managing the supply, logistics, storage, maintenance, inventory, and retirement of workstations. Furthermore, Ibermática will play a pivotal role in facilitating the ministry’s ambitious plan to equip its staff with the necessary IT resources for remote work.


Pre-empting issues

The support service will be accessible round-the-clock, 365 days a year, with a strong emphasis on automating issue resolution during the initial interaction. The service will proactively identify and document the root causes shared by the most common support requests, to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

Ibermática will play a crucial role in enhancing the value of data derived from the corporate interaction management solution. This will involve generating insightful reports and creating interactive dashboards that facilitate data-driven decision-making. Additionally, Ibermática will establish, implement, and maintain an up-to-date preventive maintenance plan for IT assets, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Finally, Ibermática will be responsible for maintaining the functionality of workstations and technical rooms by diagnosing issues and performing necessary maintenance and upgrades. Additionally, Ibermática will handle the installation, management, operation, and maintenance of audiovisual equipment at all ministry sites and specific ministerial events related to the digital transformation efforts. Specialized technical support for the audiovisual equipment will also be provided by Ibermática.

This significant undertaking, involving a dedicated team of over 200 professionals, stands as one of the key contracts achieved by Ibermática’s End User Service division in 2022. The company’s unwavering commitment and adaptability to meet clients’ needs are the pillars of its success. As a trusted partner of the Ministry of Justice, Ibermática will support and accompany the ministry in its digital transformation journey, aiming to optimize the efficiency of its services.

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