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Modern Sustainable Places

The design and development of offices and commercial facilities have entered a new era, where placemaking integrates flexibility and functionality with multi-uses. This approach combines work, recreation, fitness, retail, hotel, and residential spaces, ensuring environments can fulfill multiple roles and inspire productivity, health, and well-being. By integrating these elements, we create offices and commercial spaces that are ready for the future and adaptable to changing demands.

Holistic Placemaking

Our focus is on creating functional, sustainable, and adaptable environments that meet the evolving needs of businesses and their employees.


There is a growing demand from property owners and facility managers for retrofit solutions that improve building performance (energy, water use, and occupant comfort) and Ayesa is here to help our clients deliver on these goals.

Return on Investment

We specialize in designing spaces that optimize return on investment by carefully balancing aesthetics, costs, and project goals. Our approach prioritizes energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, occupational health and safety, and user flexibility, ensuring spaces are not only functional but also sustainable. With a proven track record in green building design, we assist clients in achieving certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, CEEQUAL, and VERDE (Spain) in a cost-effective manner.

Ayesa has a notable achievement with the EUIPO Headquarters, recognized as Spain’s first BREEAM Excellent building in 2022. Out of numerous contenders, only 30 buildings met the stringent criteria, and the EUIPO building stood out for surpassing 85% of BREEAM’s optional benchmarks. Key factors evaluated include renewable energy utilization, water efficiency, indoor air quality, exterior views, and pollution management.

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