May 3, 2023

Ayesa awarded certification for Compliance ISO 37001 and UNE 19601 through the EQA, Spain

Ayesa has received certifications from EQA España*, the internationally recognized accreditation body in Spain:  including the ISO accreditation for its Anti-Bribery Management Systems that practice best-in-class business and operational standards to prevent unethical behaviour (UNE-ISO 37001:2017), and accreditation for Ayesa’s commitment to Criminal Compliance Management Systems which detect, prevent, and address criminal behaviour within its operations (UNE 19601:2017).

The EQA audit report highlights the effectiveness of the implemented controls in the Ayesa Compliance Management System: ensuring that each procedure is compliant and measured, and internal audits are completed to a high standard.  Furthermore, EQA acknowledges the organization’s deep understanding of the system, including the management of Criminal and Anti-Bribery as well the company’s structure and operations.

According to the EQA, “a deep knowledge of the system, the management of Criminal and Anti-Bribery Compliance, as well as the organization’s own structure and operations, has been demonstrated.”

Ayesa is a global provider of technology and engineering services, with more than 11,300 employees worldwide and a direct presence in 23 countries across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.  Ayesa specializes in the development and implementation of digital and engineering solutions for both private companies and public administrations. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, it offers services ranging from digital transformation to infrastructure design, supervision and operations and maintenance. Its expert teams work across various sectors, including digital administration, health, industry, consumption and retail, banking, insurance, and more.

*EQA, España Spain: (Entidad de Certificación, Inspección y Verificación de Estándares y Buenas Prácticas en el ámbito ASG),

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