August 16, 2023

Ayesa ranks in the World’s Top 50 International Design Firms for a third consecutive year

  • The 2023 ENR Top 225 International Design Firms Report: Ayesa solidifies its status as a significant player in International Engineering Design Projects.
  • Ayesa maintains its position among the world’s Top 50 ranked firms for the third consecutive year, ranking #44 out of the ENR Top 225 
  • Ayesa is a Top 10 leader in Latin America: ranking #6 out of 10 tier-one players in a region worth $3.2bn.
  • Ayesa ranks #105 in the Top 150 Global Design Firms.

According to the 2023 Engineering News-Record Report, Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, maintains a consistent position as a Top 50 international engineering design firm for the third consecutive year, solidifying its status as a critical player in major international engineering design projects. In addition, it is placed again in the Top 10 for the Latin American region, ranked at number 6 out of 10 tier-one global engineering players in a region worth $3.2bn, up from $2.1bn in 2022.  Around the world, Ayesa is playing a significant role in the delivery of critical transportation infrastructure, particularly in Latin America including the Santo Domingo Metro Line (Dominican Republic), Santiago Metro (Chile), the Bogota Metro/Monterrey Metro (Mexico), and the Lima Metro (Peru).

Ayesa’s international activities remain a significant strength for the group with foreign revenues accounting for 31% of the total revenue, highlighting its global strength and diversification.  The aim is to further strengthen Ayesa’s international presence by establishing and expanding into other countries, continuing to grow the Group’s profile and position in the global market.

Note: The Top 225 International Design Firms rankings are based on design-specific export revenue generated from projects outside each firm’s respective home country;
The Top 150 Global Design Firms rankings are based on total design-specific revenue, regardless of where the projects were located.

Read the full ENR report here

Here are a list of the main issues which face the world’s leading Engineering Consultants summarised from the ENR report

Amid global concerns over rising temperatures, water scarcity, and energy needs, engineering consultants are prioritising resilient design to address these challenges and promote sustainable solutions. According to the ENR 2023 report, these are the main themes which face global engineering services providers:

  1. Strategic Acquisitions: Firms are strategically acquiring other companies to expand their capabilities, and strengthen expertise in areas like MEP engineering and mission-critical facilities.
  2. Resilience and Sustainability: With increasing global extreme weather events and energy demands, firms are focusing on resilient designs, climate adaptation, and sustainable solutions to ensure the continuity of critical functions like data centers and emergency services.
  3. Growing Demand for Climate Resilience: Rising awareness of climate factors is compelling clients to seek environmental and energy ratings, driving demand for energy-efficient and climate-resilient designs and solutions.
  4. Collaborative Contract Models: Collaborative contract models that emphasize mutual goals, risk sharing, and problem-solving are gaining traction, leading to improved project outcomes and stronger owner-contractor relationships.
  5. Innovation and Sustainable Design: The industry is embracing innovative solutions and sustainable design practices to address challenges posed by climate change, such as rising temperatures affecting construction materials.
  6. Regional Market Dynamics: Firms are experiencing varying growth trends across regions, with emphasis on markets such as the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and North America for their growth potential in sustainable infrastructure.
  7. Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Challenges: Labor shortages, material cost inflation, and logistical challenges are impacting project execution, driving the need for innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles.
  8. Digital Transformation and AI Integration: Firms are integrating AI technologies and digital innovation, including BIM and AI analytics, to enhance project design, execution, operations, and maintenance, enabling faster project timelines and low-carbon solutions.
  9. Local Partnerships: Collaborating with local partners is seen as crucial for successful international projects, offering insights into regional regulations, materials, specialized engineering, and permitting processes.
  10. Balancing Economic Conditions: Economic conditions, including political instability and inflation, have the power to enable or inhibit progress in sustainable infrastructure markets, necessitating long-term commitment and investment for successful energy transitions.


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