Marinas and Waterfronts

From concept to completion

Marinas and waterfront areas can provide valuable real estate, in fact, one in five people choose cities close to the waterfront. Cities can redevelop waterfront locations from old brownfield sites, to generate healthy, new community developments. Our aim is to assist clients with development, planning, viability, design, procurement and construction of waterfront facilities – whether a promenade, high-end commercial and residential waterfront complexes, coastal pathways, pontoons, jetties, and effective stabilisation and resilience of all structures. Our cross-disciplinary expertise in marine, geotechnical, environmental, and infrastructure engineering opens up value and opportunities. Some of our projects include Diyar Marina in Bahrain, Natural History Museum, Abu Dhabi, the Riverside Stand at Fulham FC football club, Amaala Service Marinas, and more recently Ayesa was appointed to deliver Trinity Wharf, the largest waterside development in the southeast of Ireland.

Data-Driven Strategies for Future-Proof Developments

Leveraging extensive research on global market trends, Ayesa shapes development strategies for both new and enhanced marina facilities. We have researched the yachting industry in-depth, understanding trends, increases in vessel sizes, and regional logistics, which guide feasibility and decision making. This strategic vision enables our clients to seize upcoming opportunities in key areas such as the Mediterranean, Americas, Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf.

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