Coastal Modelling and Engineering

Every Project has unique challenges and opportunities. Modelling and Engineering can help guide decisions.

At Ayesa, our marine and coastal team delivers precise data and insights through modelling and simulation to balance infrastructure development with environmental stewardship. Our coastal engineers utilise high-tech models and monitoring to understand the forces affecting coastal structures and environments, including sea-level rise, tides, erosion, waves, climate change, and storm surges. We collaborate with government bodies, developers, stakeholders, and contractors on projects such as flood alleviation and protection, revetments, and quay walls and harbours.

Our designs, supported by hydrodynamic and geomorphic modelling, ensure robustness and adaptability. Additionally, Ayesa rehabilitates diverse coastal structures, both natural and engineered. We manage and implement advanced dredging, reclamation, shoreline, and beach management programs.

Our reports guide both technical and non-technical stakeholders in meeting project goals and regulatory requirements.

By combining engineering with modelling and simulation, we aim to:

Deliver Sustainable Coastlines and Structures: Enhance the resilience and sustainability of coastal environments, safeguarding coastlines and structures. We design both hard and soft solutions for coastal protection.

Beach Creation and Management: Ayesa focuses resilience and adaptation planning to tackle coastal hazards and climate change impacts effectively.

Climate Change and Coastal Hazards: Ayesa addresses resilience and adaptation planning in coastlines and coastal structures. Our reports provide guidance to technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring alignment with project objectives and regulatory standards.

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