Quito Airport Cadastral Information

The concessionaire group Quiport has awarded Ayesa the land use project for the aerodrome Mariscal Sucre in Quito, which has the second longest runway in Latin America.

Specifically, Ayesa carries out the cadastre of the infrastructure and the concessioned spaces, as well as a process of administration and continuous updating of the information collected.

This implies the execution of the heritage inventory of the 195,000 square meters of area that reaches the enclosure, of which 65,000 correspond to the passenger terminal (in 2017 moved 4.9 million passengers).

Thus, the project covers both the air side (runways and hangars) and the ground side, where the commercial (duty free), hotel and airport operation uses are located. To this must be added a stretch of about three kilometers of highway that gives access to the airport, which must be updated cartographically.

The Ayesa team will move to Mariscal Sucre airport twelve people specialized in project management, architecture, civil engineering, topography and processes. The project will conclude with the integration of all the information generated in Quiport's document manager and the proposal for standardization of the necessary processes to keep it updated.

Ayesa's general services for airport information:

Analysis of previous cadastral information
Data collection from airports and verification of cadastral uses
Castral encoding of enclosures
Updating of digital military parcels with georeferencing
Dimensioning of buildings and terrain with laser, classical topography or orthophotoimages
Digitization of information according to regulations