• Ingenio Magazine
  • Chapter #46
  • Year Octubre 2023

Ingenio Magazine 46

Despite the current hype around AI, it has in fact been around for decades. What is new though is its use across multiple domains, something which is redefining the way we see technology. Within IT, Ayesa has led the way in using and improving AI models, which it has implemented in various sectors over recent years. This has led to a significant increase in efficiency for companies and governments in Spain and around the world. In this latest edition of Ingenio you will find some of the main use cases that the company has developed.

“Over the coming years, advances in computational neuroscience involving brain-machine interactions and neural engineering will undoubtedly bring the biggest breakthroughs in AI, as they have done in recent decades”.

In addition to AI, enter Ingenio to find out about Ayesa’s half-yearly evolution in different markets, the experience of clients for whom we have implemented advanced technological solutions, growth prospects in Saudi Arabia, the creation of digital twins for wine production and the main events organised by the firm.