Claims management in major accounts

In the field of claims management, Ayesa has wide-ranging experience with major clients.  

One of these has been EON España (Viesgo), successfully resolving 140,000 claims (from billing and contracting to collections and technical aspects).

The added value of the service was focused on an important task involving:

  • process re-engineering.
  • redefinition of all resolution procedures in order to boast completely procedural and standardised management.
  • drafting of detailed operational manuals. 
  • creation of in-house computer systems.
  • definition of SLA and monitoring tools.
  • detection of errors and proposals for improvement of corporate systems to integrate them with claims management.
  • improvement of resolution timescales and service quality.

A fundamental aim of this type of services is to minimise the number of claims. With a view to this, Ayesa monitors the causes of the claims, analyses the origin in order to propose improvements.