Ayesa upgrades its back office technological platform to handle the New Subsidised Rate

Ayesa upgrades its back office technological platform to handle the New Subsidised Rate

Ayesa has added a new project to its portfolio through which it is broadening its specialisation in the digital transformation of BPO technological tools and services.

The multinational company has developed a technological platform, based on its ABO (Ayesa Backoffice Optimizer) solution, to help process the requests and all the documentation for Endesa's New Subsidised Rate.

This mechanism is aimed at families with low income or at a financial disadvantage who can now benefit from a discount on their electricity bill.


In October, the Spanish Government approved a Royal Decree with new requirements and categories, establishing those of vulnerable consumers, highly vulnerable consumers and those at risk of social exclusion. For this reason, all users must send the required documentation to the electric companies again before the 10th of April.

In the case of Endesa, around a million clients all over Spain are already benefiting from this deduction, which ranges from 25% to 50%.

Javier Requejo, BPO director, highlights that the technology developed by Ayesa "will allow waiting times to be cut to meet a high demand of requests, which will take place over a period of three to five months". 

Additionally, as it is regulated, the deadlines are very demanding, "but with our solution we can meet all the requirements with guarantees. This is possible because a lot of the operations are automated, reducing the repetitive manual workload and reducing processing errors as much as possible", added Requejo.

In addition to the implementation of the technological platform, Ayesa will also be responsible for the administrative management of all the documentation, which will be centralised in Seville.


Ayesa has extensive experience in the processing of contracts for the electricity sector, in the areas of both distribution and marketing.

The company has been offering BPO services for more than fifteen years. Its network of centres that specialise in back office and front office, together with the technological solutions developed, have allowed this business line to record growth of 300% in the last five years. There are currently around a thousand positions in the Seville centre.