Water management consulting & planning

As global resources shrink and populations expand, the importance of water planning and management consulting has never been more crucial. With over 60 years of experience in cutting-edge hydrological planning in Spain, Ayesa brings this expertise to less-developed regions around the world.

For stakeholders like city planners, public works departments, and private water management companies, challenges are diverse and complex—ranging from supply limitations to aging infrastructure and the growing impact of climate change. That’s where Ayesa comes in. Our leading team of hydrologists, planners, hydraulic engineers, and environmental experts offer tailored water management consulting services to provide holistic solutions for effective water resource management.

We’re pioneering innovative solutions in water planning and management, such as real-time advanced monitoring systems that detect leaks and deterioration, and the integration of renewable energies like solar power to optimize the cost-effectiveness of pumping and treatment stations.

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