Transport installations

We provide installations for the transport sector through our comprehensive and efficient services, drawing on our expertise in railways, airports, roads and unique buildings to do this.

At Ayesa, we have been designing installations for the transport sector for more than 30 years. Over this time, we have carried out a wide range of work spanning all the phases of projects, from conceptual through to detailed design. We also supervise construction work and are even involved in operations and maintenance. We offer an impressive range of comprehensive services, unrivalled by any national engineering firm.

We are a leader in the rail industry and have a portfolio featuring projects of all kinds, including metro systems, trams, light rail systems, conventional railways and high-speed lines. As such, we cover all the fields involved in the operation of railway lines and installations for stations as well as train and road tunnels. We are also experts when it comes to installations for roads, airports, ports and unique buildings.

Since being founded, we’ve been especially committed to creating sustainable systems of transportation. This sees us place particular emphasis on the optimal use of energy through well-thought-out and environmentally friendly designs. To do this, we invest in R&D projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of rail transport, and use our own simulation software to maximise energy efficiency.

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