February 21, 2024

The Bank of Spain selects Ayesa to bid for technology contracts valued at EUR 221 million

The framework agreement, which includes only 13 companies, will allow it to participate in tenders for technology services put out by the central bank. The contracts awarded are expected to be worth EUR 221 million.

Ayesa’s proposal has been awarded the highest score for the most significant lots.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has become part of an exclusive pool of technology companies chosen by the Bank of Spain to participate in its tenders, valued at EUR 221 million, over the next four years.

The framework agreement will allow the company, as part of a joint venture with Altia, to bid for the three lots into which the megacontract has been divided. Its purpose is to modernise Spain’s central bank through digitalisation and help it become a more data-driven organisation.

The first lot, valued at EUR 152 million, covers upgrade, support and maintenance services for a variety of business initiatives and solutions. The second, worth around EUR 63.6 million, covers infrastructure. And the third, valued at EUR 6 million, includes support services relating to innovation, the bank’s technology strategy and its ITC operating model.

In terms of the first two, which have the highest value, the proposal submitted by Ayesa and Altia has been awarded the highest score from amongst the seven bids submitted. Celestino Suárez, Director of Banking at Ayesa, remarks: ‘the technical proposals we submitted for lots 1 and 2 have received a score of 50 out of 50, an achievement that consolidates our position in the sector after being named the best IT services provider of 2023 by Whitelane Research’.

According to Celestino, the strength of the partnership between Ayesa and Altia lies in the fact that both companies have been able to seamlessly combine the best of their service models and capacities under a single vision adapted to the needs of the Bank of Spain. This is based on a fundamentally practical approach underpinned by methodological and technical excellence.

For the Director of Banking, ‘this achievement will significantly increase the visibility of the Ayesa brand due to the importance of the Bank of Spain, the critical nature of its information system, and the significant demands and expertise required’.

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