February 12, 2024

Ayesa furthers the digitalisation of its sales strategy through Salesforce

The company will implement Salesforce Sales Cloud as part of its efforts to make its sales teams more efficient and centralise all its information on a single platform.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is set to continue digitalising its sales strategy by implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud. The move will also add to its technology ecosystem and business applications.

The implementation comes as the technology group continues to grow, doubling its turnover and adding 5000 IT experts to its team in 2023, following the acquisition of Ibermática.

Ayesa will also use MuleSoft, another solution by Salesforce. This will allow it to quickly and efficiently integrate the systems of both companies.

In preparation for the implementation, over 2023 Ayesa unified all its sales processes and integrated them in a single CRM solution based on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. As such, the move to Salesforce Sales Cloud will serve to further strengthen its sales strategy.

Ayesa is a member of the Salesforce Business Partners network and also has its own Salesforce Centre of Excellence (CoE), made up of more than 120 experts in Spain and Latin America. This means it has the experience necessary to ensure the quick and successful implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud at the company.

Ayesa is also a leader in implementing Salesforce solutions for businesses. Its expertise in this area comes from having been amongst the first companies to undertake such projects for utilities and regional governments throughout Spain. It also has significant experience in the private sector, where it has successfully carried out major B2B and B2C projects in sectors such as banking, insurance, retail and industry.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, for which a four-year contract has been signed, will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of the group’s sales teams by allowing them to manage contacts, leads, opportunities and client accounts on a single platform. The solution is also compatible with Einstein, Salesforce’s own AI engine, allowing it to incorporate predictive and generative AI features.

During the signing of the contract, José Luis Manzanares, CEO of Ayesa, remarked: ‘Our plans for growth mean it is essential we have a flexible solution that allows us to fully leverage our information as well as the data from our systems and applications. We could not be more confident in the ability of Salesforce to meet our needs when it comes to sales’.

Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior Vice President and Country Manager at Salesforce Spain, added: ‘Ayesa has shown an incredible capacity to incorporate and integrate innovative technologies both internally and for its clients. It is an honour for us to be part of the company’s future and we have no doubt that our technology will allow it to remain at the forefront of technological innovation over the coming years’.

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