September 20, 2023

Ayesa creates a new Salesforce Center of Excellence and aims to double its business by 2025

From a technology perspective – Ayesa is placing its bets on Salesforce’s AI and data-driven products. By 2025, Ayesa plans to increase its workforce by 25% and invest in new certifications for its employees. Today, Ayesa is commemorating the inaugural Andalusian Certification Day in partnership with Salesforce at its PCT Cartuja headquarters.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has enhanced its Salesforce business unit through the creation of a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) located in Seville, Spain where the company currently employs over 110 professionals who specialise in Salesforce.

Jaime Ruiz Pallarés, Director of Ayesa’s Salesforce CoE, explains that the firm will follow an “ambitious, growth-oriented roadmap while we continue to support and empower our current clients and customers”.

Ayesa’s Salesforce business unit has been operational since 2015, and since then, the company has expanded its Salesforce capabilities and competencies. Ayesa has achieved success in delivering B2B and B2C projects for global clients such as Enel.

Ruiz Pallarés highlights that “We have the DNA to implement numerous types of Salesforce products”.

Likewise, Ruiz Pallarés adds that from a technology perspective, the firm is concentrating on artificial intelligence and data. “We are focused on incorporating Salesforce’s latest AI and data-driven innovations to empower clients with technology that will improve customer experiences and drive success.”

In order to effectively prepare for its strategic expansion goals and further invest in its Salesforce business unit, Ayesa intends to expand its workforce by 25% by 2025 and provide its employees with additional certification opportunities. In collaboration with Salesforce, Ayesa is currently commemorating the inaugural Certification Day in Andalusia, being held at its PCT Cartuja headquarters.

“These new investments will help us to build a strong, growth-oriented team that will assist clients drive success with Salesforce”, said Ruiz Pallarés at Ayesa.

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