September 19, 2023

GridPilot Enhancements: Ayesa’s leverages AI for Smart Energy Management

The company has recently updated its GridPilot platform to introduce new power generation models centered around renewable energy and energy storage for electric vehicles

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has recently enhanced its in-house developed GridPilot platform. This platform is designed to monitor and manage the energy utilisation from new generation systems, enabling the sale of excess electricity back to the grid through the use of AI algorithms. Essentially, GridPilot can autonomously determine the optimal times for storing, using, or selling electricity, thereby preventing grid overload.

The multinational has taken an additional stride by integrating innovative smart advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) management capabilities into the platform. As Alicia Arce, Chief Strategic Innovation Officer at Ayesa, explains, ‘Using a virtual power plant (VPP), GridPilot allows us to aggregate the capacities of different energy resources, which now include EVs’.

GridPilot can seamlessly handle a user’s EV charger, solar panels, and battery. It automatically coordinates these components, enabling the vehicle to charge during off-peak rates and store energy based on the EV’s usage patterns.

Alicia Arce explains: ‘The system utilizes a virtual power plant (VPP) to consolidate various energy resources, including solar panels, stationary batteries, and EV batteries commonly found in homes, businesses, and factories. It then autonomously determines the optimal times for energy storage, consumption, or selling, all while ensuring safety and control through AI and IoT technologies, which are crucial for market operations’.

In addition, Alicia emphasizes that “GridPilot incorporates advanced algorithms that forecast vehicle availability, energy consumption, and asset-generated power. This capability enables vehicle-to-grid (V2G) participation, leading to increased asset efficiency and maximized profits from energy sales to the grid.”


Greencities & S-Moving 2023

Ayesa will unveil the GridPilot updates at Greencities & S-Moving Conference 2023, starting tomorrow in Málaga. At the event, Alicia Arce will take part in the session titled “Electric Transport and Emerging Opportunities in the Public Sector: From Demand-Responsive Transport to Electric Vehicles.” During this discussion, she will talk about the reasons why electric transport represents the future and showcase some of the company’s most noteworthy and pioneering projects in this field.

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