August 16, 2023

Ayesa participates in the plan to digitally transform Seville city

Seville City Hall is currently evaluating a number of digital projects created by Ayesa.

Seville City Hall is embarking on a future-forward transformational plan called Plan Sevilla+Digital’ (PS+D) which aims to digitally transform the lives of its residents and businesses, while providing long-term sustainability.  Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is one of the key companies taking part in in PS+D.  The plan will outline and recommend various approaches to digitalise the city while aligning strategic goals with those set across Spain and Europe and the world (Seville’s Strategic Plan for 2030, Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Spain’s Urban Agenda, Next Generation EU, and the EU’s Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021–2027)

The planned digital transformation includes a full revamp of Seville City Hall, as well as digitalising many aspects of daily life, taking into account the needs and requirements of businesses, enterprises, citizens and other stakeholders living in the region. This strategy will digitally improve and add to public services as well as manage data more efficiently. By modernising various sectors,  PS+D aims to create a city that encourages knowledge, innovation and digitalization, thus attracting more technological companies to locate there.

In pursuit of these goals, City planners are taking an open government approach, engaging in an encouraging and transparent manner to ensure that the public get involved in the decision making process as much as possible.

Since the PS+D program started, Ayesa has actively participated in four essential working groups: Digitalization of Local Services, Digital Inclusion, Smart City Enrichment, and Economic Digitalization. Within these groups, Ayesa is working with other stakeholders to present various digital projects, which Seville City Hall will evaluate in the coming months.

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