March 16, 2022

Ayesa selects AWS as a technology partner for its migration to the cloud

Ayesa, a global technology and engineering services provider, is pushing full steam ahead with its process of digital transformation. Following the digitalisation of its business processes and way of working, the following step is to migrate all its servers to the cloud.

To do this, it has decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), a very low-latency solution which will allow it to store a vast amount of data (almost 300 terabytes) in the cloud.

The service will be rolled out at 16 offices around the world, including in Spain, various other countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Pablo Sánchez, CIO at Ayesa, explains how ‘the File2Cloud project involves an innovative architecture, which is designed to optimise storage to the maximum and features automated data management. Our aim is to combine and make the very most of the features offered by the Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP storage service, making use of automated storage tiering’.

For large files that are frequently used, such as BIM (building information modelling) files, used for designing infrastructure, the company has opted to implement an architecture on AWS which ensures they are immediately available whenever users need them. The architecture also offers an effective, long-term solution for managing files not often used.

This latest milestone, involving cloud architecture set to include services provided by the market’s three leading hyperscalers, is a clear reflection of Ayesa’s commitment to cloud technology.

The File2Cloud project is part of the company’s digital transformation strategy, and will help it meet the goals laid out in its sustainability plan by reducing its energy consumption and therefore its carbon footprint.

The aim is to make the company more agile, flexible and scalable, as well as foster an innovative technological environment.

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