March 22, 2022

Ayesa ranks amongst Spain’s leading IT service providers thanks to its business understanding and flexibility

Ayesa, a global technology and engineering services provider, took the quality of its IT services to the next level in 2021. This is reflected in the 2021 Spanish IT Outsourcing Study, the most prestigious in the industry, undertaken by independent research company Whitelane Research alongside the consultancy Quint.

The report is based on a survey completed by 240 members of senior management from the firms which lead the way in terms of investment and spending on IT. These account for approximately 90% of the Spanish market and represent more than 640 high-value contracts as well as around 500 cloud sourcing relationships.

In terms of overall satisfaction, Ayesa achieved 83%, only 1% below the leading firm on the ranking. Compared to the previous year, Ayesa has seen one of the greatest increases in terms of the overall rating given to it by its clients, namely 5%.

Regarding the various aspects looked at in the study, it is worth noting that Ayesa is Spain’s number-one provider when it comes to business understanding, ahead of firms such as Accenture and Deloitte, a clear indication of its level of specialisation when it comes to the fields in which it operates, such as utilities and the public sector.

Ayesa also excels in two other areas, namely flexibility and prices, where it comes in second. ‘For us, this kind of recognition from our clients is very important, as it puts us in an advantageous position with respect to other providers. When it comes to technology projects, we are partners for our clients and establish long-term relationships with them’, explains Pedro Sanz, Managing Director of Services.

The prestigious study also looks at other KPIs such as cloud capabilityservice delivery qualityproactivityinnovation and transformation quality. Across all these, Ayesa was amongst the companies to make the most progress over the past year.

Industry figures

The report by Whitelane and Quint notes that the level of outsourcing is set to continue to rise over the next two years. This forecast is based on the fact that 45% of the companies which participated stated they plan to increase the services they outsource, 38% said they will continue as they are and 12% do not know what they will do. Only 5% said they will be reducing their level of outsourcing over the next 24 months. This represents a 6% increase in outsourcing compared to 2020, the highest figure since 2016.

The amount spent by Spain’s top 200 IT spending organisations in 2021 was 36,720 million euros, with IT services outsourced to technology services companies representing 49% of this figure.

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