February 5, 2024

Ayesa drives process optimisation at Arteche in preparation for SAP RISE

This latest project between the two companies, which began with the initial transition from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA, is now in its final phase involving migration to the cloud.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has recently completed the migration of Arteche’s SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA in preparation for their transition to the cloud-based solution SAP RISE by the IT company later this year.

Through Ibermática, Ayesa has provided the company, which specialises in electronic equipment, components and solutions, with technology services for more than ten years. These have involved the outsourcing of infrastructure, communications, support and systems upgrades and maintenance. In fact, Ayesa’s servers previously hosted its on-premise SAP R/3 systems.

The two companies have partnered up once again to modernise Arteche’s SAP systems and fully optimise all its processes. This has involved five related projects. The migration of business partners in R/3, the migration of interfaces from PI to SCI (recommended by SAP for cloud environments), and the move from R/3 to SAP S/4HANA have now been completed. Information is currently being archived in order to free up space and ensure the subsequent migration of the systems to the cloud-based solution SAP RISE is as quick and as straight-forward as possible.

The project ultimately provides Arteche with a scalable platform for the future, capable of adapting to changing business needs as well providing a single management solution for all the companies belonging to the group. This is expected to significantly increase its efficiency and sustainability. In addition, thanks to AI the platform allows for better and faster decision-making, based on strategic information obtained from real-time analytics.



The new cloud-based ERP solution also automates processes, thereby increasing the group’s productivity, provides support to users through a digital assistant based on generative AI, and offers insights into the environmental impact of the company’s processes, among other benefits.

Ultimately, SAP RISE will ensure a smooth transition to the cloud whilst providing an optimal CaaS experience, thereby helping Arteche’s IT team further digitalise the group.

Aingeru Mirena Orbea, CIO of Arteche, explains the complexity involved in the project: ‘We have a well-consolidated SAP environment and hundreds of users spread across fifteen production plants around the world, which serve 175 countries. These run 24 hours a day, meaning it is essential operations are not disrupted’.

He goes on to note: ‘Very few transformation projects of this size have been undertaken. That’s why the support of Ayesa, which is very familiar with how we work, has extensive technical and working knowledge of SAP, and is able to provide the necessary infrastructure, is essential’.

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