February 1, 2024

Ayesa launches ambitious growth plan following the integration and brand merger with Ibermática

All the group’s subsidiaries now operate under the Ayesa brand, generating more than EUR 700 million in annual turnover and forming a team of 12,500 employees. Its aim is to now continue growing both organically and through acquisitions.

Ayesa’s strategy of having offices across multiple locations means the companies it acquires are able to maintain their roots and continue to offer local solutions to their clients. Together with its commitment to quality and competitive pricing, this led to it being named Spain’s best IT service provider and one of the best companies to work for in 2023.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has recently completed the integration of Ibermática. The result is a single brand with a turnover of more than EUR 700 million and 12,500 employees.

The company’s goal is to continue growing both organically and through acquisitions. Over recent years, the group’s turnover has experienced double-digit growth, and following the acquisition of Ibermática in 2022 it became Spain’s fifth largest provider of digital solutions.

The group’s growth has been underpinned by a strategy of geographical diversification and as a result it now has offices in 23 countries around the world. This has seen it maintain the offices of the companies it has acquired, thereby allowing them to keep their roots and continue to meet the needs of local clients.

This strategy, in addition to its commitment to quality and competitive pricing as well as Ibermática’s well-established position in the market, led to Ayesa being named Spain’s best IT service provider in the prestigious 2023 Spanish IT Sourcing Study by Whitelane Research and Eraneos.

The integration process has been a necessary step in allowing Ayesa to establish a competitive position in a market dominated by large multinational groups, as well as respond to the needs of clients looking for providers with extensive capabilities. It has also enabled the group to simplify its operations, expand its range of products and services, build a consistent brand image, increase team cohesion and consolidate its resources.



José Luis Manzanares, CEO of Ayesa, remarks: ‘Our aim is to continue creating digital solutions, undertaking complex implementation projects and drawing on our expertise in AI and cybersecurity. We will also continue to create more sustainable means of transport and smart cities, designing and supervising infrastructure and industrial facilities across the globe. This will be done under the Ayesa brand, to which we now all belong’.

The group’s work is underpinned by a responsible approach to business, which sees it follow a set of well-established environmental, social and governance criteria. One recent example of this is the creation of Ibermática Fundazioa in the Basque Country, a reflection of its commitment to the region. The mission of the foundation, which is based in San Sebastián and employs 50 members of staff from Ibermática, is to close the digital divide.


Say_Hi_Say human intelligence

Since being founded in 1966, Ayesa has helped more than 12,000 companies, institutions and organisations achieve their goals by combining human talent with cutting edge technology and engineering.

This philosophy of using knowledge to build a fairer, more efficient world is reflected in ‘Say_Hi_Say human intelligence’. The aim of this new initiative is to highlight the role played by human talent and expertise in earning the group global recognition across more than 70 disciplines.

Having been launched throughout the company, it will now form a core component of Ayesa’s national and international communications strategy as it continues to grow.

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