• Bridges and structures

    Bridges and structures

    Our projects are based on smart, attractive, efficient and enduring designs. We are experts in carrying out projects in complex areas, such as those which are earthquake prone or unstable, creating innovative solutions to cover all kinds of needs.


Practical, innovative and sustainable designs

Since Ayesa was founded, one of our main areas of work has been the calculation and design of structures. Thanks to our more than 55 years of experience, we are able to cover all aspects of these projects relating to civil, industrial and building engineering.

Over the years, we have become somewhat of an authority when it comes to designing conventional and unique railway and road bridges, and carrying out calculations for all kinds of projects, including underground solutions for metro systems and vehicles, as well as industrial, hydraulic and environmental structures. We also have extensive experience designing all types of foundations and renovating structures. What’s more, we offer technical assistance and construction management services for these kinds of projects. Our work around the globe has given our technical teams the tools they need to adapt designs and projects to all applicable local laws, regulations and codes governing structures, in addition to expertise on the most commonly used structural calculation programmes in each country.

We offer high-quality solutions designed to meet the needs of clients all over the world, something made possible by a technical team made up of experts from different fields and countries. At the heart of their approach is an eagerness to acquire and share knowledge that adds value to our projects. Of all the projects we have undertaken over the years, our aseismic solutions particularly stand out. We have extensive expertise in these types of designs, having worked in some of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world.

Our team offers a wide range of solutions and possibilities when it comes to structural projects, and is able to meet all kinds of requirements. What’s more, our work is based on cutting-edge techniques, tools and ideas, the result of our extremely varied experience in the field. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t strive to ensure our designs respect tradition, make full of use of existing resources and fit in with their surroundings. Our structural experts are based in various offices and involved in workaround the world, meaning we're never far from our clients.

Our expertise and technology

We are specialists in designing and carrying out calculations for all kinds of structures. Our highly qualified team, as well as the use of the very best hardware and software for each task, allows us to offer effective solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise over the course of these kinds of projects.
Epic structures
These structures are to be built in order to ensure they reflect an aspect of its location. We create solutions for governments and private investors involving structures which serve a real purpose and improve the urban landscape
Unique bridges
We design and carry out calculations for all types of unique bridges and viaducts, regardless of their type. These involve a wide variety of materials and construction methods.
Conventional overpasses and retaining structures
We have extensive experience in this area, acquired through countless projects. We have undertaken numerous major projects in this area on various continents.
Building engineering
We have an impressive portfolio of experience when it comes to the design and development of all kinds of buildings; hospitals, prisons, etc. Our work in this area also covers sports and transport facilities, where the focus is on safety and durability.
Construction management, technical assistance and supervision
We have provided technical assistance and construction management services for numerous projects involving structures and foundations. Our team of structural experts provides support and technical assistance to other departments within Ayesa, as well as directly to external clients.
Buried structures
We undertake projects involving all kinds of buried structures. This is an area we have particular expertise in, having been involved in many underground lines in cities around the world.


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Ayesa is set to expand its backlog in urban transport thanks to a new project involving the Santiago Metro in Chile

Ayesa is set to expand its backlog in urban transport thanks to a new project involving the Santiago Metro in Chile

Project management of the new Atotxa station in San Sebastian

Project management of the new Atotxa station in San Sebastian

Ayesa has been awarded the extension of the Oporto metro

Ayesa has been awarded the extension of the Oporto metro

  • Services we offer

    How we apply our expertise in different industries.

    We study
    We undertake multidisciplinary studies of all kinds so that our clients are able to make informed decisions and choose the very best solutions throughout the course of their projects.
    We design
    When it comes to designing infrastructure, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.
    We advise
    We have the expertise necessary to guide you on your journey of transformation and growth.
    We supervise
    Our broad portfolio of experience in this area has seen us supervise the construction and operations of large civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities around the globe.
    We manage
    We combine technology and engineering to deliver comprehensive management services able to meet all the needs of our clients.
    We implement IT solutions
    We implement, maintain and tailor technology solutions designed to make public- and private-sector companies more competitive.
    We install intelligence
    We turn data into useful information in order to make the way systems are managed more efficient and optimise decision-making.