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    We combine experience and technology to ensure the success of our industrial projects. Our unique approach sees us go in search of quality and effectiveness throughout the process, from concept generation to the commissioning of production lines.


Designing the industry of the future

With extensive expertise in a wide range of sectors and countries, at Ayesa we have an impressive portfolio of proven experience in areas which require substantial know-how. These include biotechnology, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical engineering as well as oil and gas, particularly refining, processing and storage of LNG. In the area of electricity generation, our projects related to renewable energy sources and the systems used to transport and distribute them particularly stand out. Our team of experts is able to carry out projects involving all kinds of on-site and off-site facilities in any area of industry, including mining infrastructure, building installations and even industrial complexes.

We carry out our work in accordance with the needs of our clients and a set of stringent technical and professional criteria. This approach has seen our highly skilled team successfully undertake projects in countries around the world involving different languages and cultures.

Our structure, size and global presence mean nothing is beyond us. As such, our services cover everything from consulting to turnkey projects. In terms of technical assistance and engineering, we carry out preliminary studies, offer concept design and front-end engineering services, and provide technical assistance for the formalities surrounding plants as well as their auditing. We also have experience in the procurement of materials and logistics, something which includes purchase management, inspections and the supply of materials and equipment. As far as construction, assembly and installation go, our logistics, mechanical installation, construction supervision and management, cost management and commissioning services all stand out.

Current challenges and Ayesa’s solutions

Each project is defined by a number of factors, including the people that carry it out, the resources allocated and used, how long it takes to complete (i.e. its start and end date) and how is it organised (i.e. its planning, implementation, management and monitoring). Our projects are underpinned by nine basic areas, namely scope, context and integration, schedule, costs, quality, human resources, communication, risks and procurement. Our matrix organisational structure allows us to effectively oversee various large and complex projects at the same time. This method is also flexible enough to allow us to carry out smaller projects. By temporarily allocating staff to our projects, we createmultidisciplinary teams made up of members from our various areas, led by project managers and always based on the same objective: to ensure nothing but excellence.

A solid design is key to ensuring construction goes smoothly, i.e. in accordance with its budget, schedule and quality criteria. This is particularly important in projects whose complexity or scale make monitoring and managing them particularly challenging. In order to achieve this, at Ayesa we leverage the extensive expertise and experience of our highly qualified team. Furthermore, our unique way of doing things, which ensures our various offices are able to seamlessly work together, allows us to design solutions and carry out projects in a highly organised and coordinated manner. As a result, information is efficiently processed and a high degree of collaboration is achieved. We also have our own software, specific methodologies and powerful digital tools, which help us undertake projects on time, as well as effectively supervise the entire process in order to ensure the quality of our work. What’s more, we are able to work in accordance with the most commonly used regulations and have a numbering and coding system for project documents, which allows us to manage them in an extremely efficient manner.

Our expertise and technology

In order to carry out our work with maximum efficiency and make sure our clients are happy with our services, we draw on our experience as well as the latest trends and technology.
Cutting-edge technology
We use state-of-the-art technology for our designs and projects. What’s more, we follow the most stringent specifications and regulations in the area of production, covering everything from fuel and chemicals to yeast extracts.
Innovative projects
In response to global trends, we offer innovative solutions in cutting-edge industries such as chemicals, biotechnology, solar energy and wind power.
We use BIM to manage and optimise our work on projects involving industrial plants, buildings and their installations, electrical substations, wind farms and solar power plants.
Digital twins
This technology leverages BIM to the fullest and makes the effective management of industrial assets, including installations and plants, possible throughout their life cycle. By drawing on this disruptive concept, we are able to integrate projects and operations.
Thanks to new technologies, we are able to maximise efficiency and productivity. We adapt our projects to the age of digital transformation by developing our own applications and digital solutions.


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Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security sign an agreement to lead the industrial cybersecurity sector

Ayesa steps up its game in the energy industry with 190 renewable energy and substation projects over 2020

Ayesa steps up its game in the energy industry with 190 renewable energy and substation projects over 2020

“Industry must be bolstered in 4.0 environments to tackle the disruptive changes in the offing”

“Industry must be bolstered in 4.0 environments to tackle the disruptive changes in the offing”

  • Services we offer

    How we apply our expertise in different industries.

    We study
    We undertake multidisciplinary studies of all kinds so that our clients are able to make informed decisions and choose the very best solutions throughout the course of their projects.
    We design
    When it comes to designing infrastructure, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.
    We advise
    We have the expertise necessary to guide you on your journey of transformation and growth.
    We supervise
    Our broad portfolio of experience in this area has seen us supervise the construction and operations of large civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities around the globe.
    We manage
    We combine technology and engineering to deliver comprehensive management services able to meet all the needs of our clients.
    We implement IT solutions
    We implement, maintain and tailor technology solutions designed to make public- and private-sector companies more competitive.
    We install intelligence
    We turn data into useful information in order to make the way systems are managed more efficient and optimise decision-making.

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