October 4, 2023

Ayesa helps Cementiris de Barcelona digitalise its services and operations

The multinational is developing a technology platform that will allow the company to manage all aspects of its value chain, from operations to UX.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is developing a new management platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Cementiris de Barcelona, the publicly owned company responsible for managing the city’s nine cemeteries as well as Montjuïc crematorium.

The platform will be based on two modular solutions, Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement, integrated through the Common Data Model (Microsoft Dataverse).

The new system will digitalise all the company’s business processes. This will enable it to optimise its services and operations as well as improve its decision-making processes. It will also create a new layer of automation, generate unique customer experiences that enhance the company’s image and allow data to be analysed more effectively. As such, it will cover the entire value chain of Cementiris de Barcelona and lay the groundwork for further digitalisation.

The new platform will allow services to be purchased online and managed digitally. Furthermore, changes to the owners of graves and other legal formalities, interactions with the public and families, cultural and educational initiatives, maintenance, general services, administration and finance will all be digitalised.

As such, members of the public and funeral directors will be able to do everything they need to do online, as well as via telephone or in person at the offices of Cementiris de Barcelona. The new layer of digitalisation will not only avoid the use of paper documents, thereby reducing the company’s carbon footprint, but also save customers time by not having to travel to its offices. This will ultimately simplify and optimise all the processes in place at Cementiris de Barcelona, making them more agile and efficient.


The scope of Ayesa’s work

Ayesa is responsible for building, modelling, customising, developing and implementing the new platform, based on Microsoft enterprise solutions.

The scope of its contract also covers post-implementation support. This will see it provide technical assistance once the platform is up and running as well as upgrades to adapt it to changing needs.

Furthermore, Ayesa will integrate the platform with all related management and administration systems as well as others which depend on it. A core priority throughout the project will be to optimise the customer experience in a user-friendly online environment.

The system will also include a database allowing for the traceability of all services and digital documents.

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