• Ingenio Magazine
  • Chapter #45
  • Year June 2023

Ingenio Magazine 45

In 2022, Ayesa accomplished record-breaking milestones, including a turnover of 649 million euros. Through its strategic acquisitions, the group has solidified its position in the Top 5 digital services providers in Spain, while simultaneously maintaining its status as a global leader in engineering.

Throughout 2022, Ayesa has led an array of groundbreaking projects;  Notably, we have developing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions and SAP systems implementations for clients in the public and insurance sectors. Furthermore, Ayesa has made significant advancements in quantum technology, revolutionizing the reassignment of sales positions to ONCE workers.

On an international scale, Ayesa has secured engineering contracts in various countries, including the Porto Metro the Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and Santo Domingo, among many others. These international projects showcase Ayesa’s commitment to driving progress and making a lasting sustainable impact across the globe.

“Following the integration of Ibermática, M2C and ByrneLooby it is time to grow and pursue a much more ambitious project”

On a corporate level, Ayesa continues to be committed to its digital transformation and to providing an exceptional platform for professional growth. Recently, the company was awarded recognition by Forbes as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Spain.  This award underscored Ayesa’s dedication to providing a supportive and enriched work environment, solidifying it’s reputation as an Employer of Choice.