Aerospace and defence

Advanced engineering for the entire life cycle of the aerospace product; covering design, certification, manufacturing, MRO and process streamlining in the civil and defence field

The aeronautical industry, featuring high added value, requires elevated technical skills alongside human capabilities, in which vocation and teamwork form the grounding for designing and manufacturing aircraft. They not only transport people or goods over distances that dissipate borders, yet moreover doing so under conditions of speed and security that hinder development in other industries.

Based on the same principles of innovation and excellence, Ayesa decided, more than a decade ago, to contribute to the technological development of this industry through its aeronautical division, Ayesa Air Control (AAC). 

Our services cover all phases of the product lifecycle, from conceptual design, analysis and simulations to the most innovative technological standards, testing campaigns, product and facility certification, manufacturing engineering, maintenance, process streamlining and digitisation, and product support.

We provide innovative technological solutions that improve planning, media and people management, quality, costs and times

AAC contributes to the development of the aeronautical sector through a multidisciplinary, vocational team, with high commitment to projects and customers, always seeking out the highest standards in terms of quality using innovation and added value as tools to achieve the excellence and safety that the aeronautical sector demands. 

Through developing our own methodology based on people, values, continuous improvement, efficiency and quality, we are fulfilling our dream: to contribute to aeronautical developments, both civil and military and space, with the highest capabilities.

Our skills set

Design and certification of civil and military aircraft (DOA/AODM)

We carry out design and certification services for modifications to structure, interior configurations, avionics and systems in both civil and military fixed and rotary wing aircraft, as well as technical assistance to certification and airworthiness authorities.

Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering and Industrialisation

We provide the necessary engineering for the management of the correct manufacture of aeronautical structures and systems, both civil and military, collecting and adapting the design requirements, regulations and end customer for the implementation of works under production (configuration control, industrialisation/works preparation, support, concurrence). 

Aeronautical Maintenance Support (MRO)

We gather and adapt the requirements (service bulletins and MRO manuals) for the maintenance and retrofitting of aircraft in service.

Aeronautical consulting and digitisation

We optimise and accompany our customers in the digital transformation pathways of their production and assembly processes, as well as advising on management and innovation activities in the aeronautical industry.

We provide innovative technological solutions that improve planning, media and people management, quality, costs and time.

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