• Treatment and desalination plants

    Treatment and desalination plants

    We create innovative solutions for water treatment, drawing on our experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure each project is a success.


Water treatment

At Ayesa, we develop tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the water sector and support industry. We carry out all kinds of studies and projects relating to supply, drinking water treatment and desalination. We also have experience in wastewater treatment, including water reclamation, a process which sees wastewater treated for reuse.

Our work in this area is carried out by a team made up of technologists with expertise in the various aspects involved in water treatment. When undertaking these kinds of projects, where knowledge integration is key to success, we bring together professionals from all fields of engineering. This combination of different disciplines, which includes engineering, mechanics, electricity and automation, is a key feature of all the phases of our projects, from design through to execution. The result is optimal water treatment plants.

In order to break away from a compartmental approach where each area operates in a vacuum and ensure an interdisciplinary approach, teamwork is key. Our experience, the commitment of our people to continuing professional development and our ability to adapt to the changing requirements of the sector guarantee our projects are a success.

Our expertise and technology

From planning and design through to technical assistance for operations and maintenance, we are present in all the phases of projects involving water treatment plants, something which allows us to cover all our clients’ needs.
Experience with facilities big and small
Thanks to our experience in all the areas involved in water treatment, we are able to successfully undertake projects of any size. As such, our work has included everything from designing small wastewaster treatment facilities based on low-cost technology to supervising one of the world’s biggest wastewater treatment plants, in Atotonilco.
Comprehensive monitoring
Our experience and expertise, the result of having participated in a wide range of projects and been involved in everything from preliminary diagnostics to commissioning, allow us to work on any phase of a project with an overall view of the process and the ability to provide effective solutions to any problems that arise.
Multidisciplinary teams
We see water treatment plants as industrial sites, the success of which depends on being able to seamlessly bring together experts from all the fields involved. As such, the way we work ensures all technical teams participating in these kinds of projects are perfectly coordinated.
Innovative technology
At Ayesa, we use cutting-edge technology and adapt it to the requirements of each project. We are experts in dynamic modelling and simulations for designing and optimising wastewater treatment processes. We have been using the BIM methodology for a number of years now, something which allows us to constantly improve, effectively coordinate and ensure the quality of our services.


We have extensive experience in desalination, and have undertaken numerous projects covering everything from national plans for building new desalination plants through to managing operations and maintenance at existing sites. Our work also involves the intermediate phases of projects, including basic design, detailed engineering and construction supervision.

Having carried out more than 50 projects in this area over the past 20 years, our portfolio spans the globe and includes countries such as Spain, Morocco, Mexico and Peru. Particularly noteworthy is our work in the Persian Gulf, where we have been involved in numerous facilities that have set records in terms of output capacity.

However, our participation in these kinds of projects is not limited solely to the desalination process. As such, a number of projects have seen us take responsibility for maritime works, something which represents a series of significant challenges due to the construction methods and environmental requirements involved. What’s more, we also have experience with the networks used to distribute the water produced.

Drinking water treatment

This is an area which forms an intrinsic part of Ayesa’s history. In the early days, we took part in projects which saw us lay the foundations for companies which today are key players in the water management cycle, and are responsible for supplying drinking water.

We are currently involved in numerous projects, the purpose of which is to expand or renovate existing facilities. The goal here is to guarantee the supply of drinking water whilst ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent laws and regulations governing water for human consumption.

To achieve this, at Ayesa we use cutting-edge technology adapted specifically to the needs of complex water treatment projects. Examples include reverse osmosis, microfiltration, nanofiltration and reverse electrodialysis (RED). We have undertaken drinking water treatment projects in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and Morocco.

Wastewater treatment

We have participated in more than 70 wastewater treatment projects. These range from small facilities for a few hundred inhabitants to the Atotonilco wastewater treatment plant in Mexico, which treats the wastewater generated by 12,000,000 residents and has a peak capacity of 51 m3/s.

Our participation in numerous projects has given us the ability to design facilities involving very different flow rates and requirements. The success of our projects is made possible by the use of the very best technology for each situation. As such, we are experts in various technologies, from activated sludge in all its variants, biofiltration, SBRs (sequencing batch reactors) and MBRs (membrane bioreactors) to large-scale solutions of all kinds, small systems with trickling filters and even rotating biological contactors.

Our extensive knowledge of these forms of technology, coupled with our highly coordinated and multidisciplinary way of working, ensure our work is a success. Our most important wastewater treatment projects are to be found in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Water reuse

At Ayesa, we have extensive experience working with the various forms of technology used to convert wastewater into water that can be reused. Our projects in this area have involved internal solutions to supply water to wastewater treatment plants themselves, as well as solutions to produce water for external use, generally irrigation and urban use.

Whatever the type of water reclamation project, a thorough analysis of applicable laws and regulations, the implementation of all necessary compliance measures and a serious consideration of future use are all essential aspects to cover. Strict controls to ensure compliance with health requirements for reclaimed water should also be applied throughout all the phases involved in these kinds of projects.

The technology used here includes various forms of filtration, including microfiltration, and solutions to provide treated water that can be used directly (direct reuse), such as MBRs (membrane bioreactors).


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The management system implemented by Ayesa for the forestry group Arauco is awarded the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award 2020 by ESRI

The management system implemented by Ayesa for the forestry group Arauco is awarded the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award 2020 by ESRI

Ayesa to lead the sanitation project for Panamá Oeste, the fastest-growing province in Panama

Ayesa to lead the sanitation project for Panamá Oeste, the fastest-growing province in Panama

Ayesa to design the Jubail II desalination plant in Saudi Arabia for SEPCOIII

Ayesa to design the Jubail II desalination plant in Saudi Arabia for SEPCOIII

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