• Connected infrastructure

    Connected infrastructure

    We apply intelligence to data to facilitate decision-making when designing and implementing technological solutions. No matter the infrastructure, we can digitalise it.


Digitalised infrastructures and data intelligence

In order to compete in what is an increasingly digitalised market, having efficient, connected and secure infrastructure that can access data is essential. At Ayesa, we help organisations with their digital transformation process using Ayesa Pilot, a technological platform that covers the complete life cycle of data.

To acquire data, we monitor infrastructure in real time using IoT sensors. Data from systems, applications and devices is then stored and processed. Part of this involves using a 3D digital twin to analyse and predict how facilities will behave, as well as applying business intelligence to make agile decision-making possible by way of dashboards and KPIs. What's more, we optimise processes and plan actions with the help of artificial intelligence, which identifies patterns and detects anomalies predictively. We always work to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity and thus protect infrastructure and the information it contains.


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