• Underground structures and geotechnics

    Underground structures and geotechnics

    At Ayesa, we know exactly how soil, rock and hydrological conditions affect the way in which structures are designed and built. What's more, we have extensive experience in soil-structure interaction involving tunnels and shafts.


Ground engineering and underground structures

At Ayesa, we have a team made up of more than 70 experts in geology and civil engineering with extensive experience gained through projects on all five continents. We don’t just carry out geological and geotechnical studies but also offer the most suitable and cost-effective technical solutions for each case, based on our expertise in this area.

The geotechnical studies we have undertaken for civil engineering projects involve more than 1,000 kilometres of linear infrastructure. These have seen us participate in all phases, from initial surveys through to detailed engineering, as well as provide technical assistance during construction.

We have extensive experience in geological studies and mapping. As such, we have carried out work involving all kinds of geological formations, and are able to assess and mitigate geological and geotechnical risks, undertake the geotechnical characterisation of soils and rocks, and design, manage and supervise geotechnical investigations. We also have experience in the field of slope engineering, including soil stability and foundation design, and soil improvement. We use various solutions and tools, from geotechnical ground modelling software (2D and 3D) and geotechnical tunnelling software, such as FLAC3D, MIDAS GTS, PLAXIS 2D/3D and Rocscience, to BIM technology for geotechnical design work.

In terms of tunnels, we have participated in varied projects spanning more than 480 kilometres. Whether using tunnel boring machines, the New Austrian tunnelling method, or cut and cover involving diameters of up to 14 meters, we offer services in many different areas, including transport and water supply. These cover feasibility studies and cost analysis, functional and topological design of tunnels, and alternatives analysis, in addition to instrumentation analysis and geotechnical monitoring. We also carry out analyses relating to construction methods and specifications for tunnel boring machines, and design precast concrete segments for lining tunnels. We offer drainage and waterproofing, cut and cover, and soil improvement services. What’s more, we provide technical assistance during construction, as well as perform inspections and improve existing tunnels.

Our expertise and technology

We analyse how soil is likely to behave and interact with our structures. Drawing on our expertise and using the very best tools available, we are able to optimise their design and construction.
Studies and assessments
We undertake geological studies and mapping, as well as assess and mitigate geological and geotechnical risks, with seismic risk analysis being one of our particular areas of expertise.
We carry out all kinds of designs, covering everything from soil stability, foundations and soil improvement to the design, management and supervision of geotechnical investigations. We also undertake functional and typological designs for tunnels, in addition to feasibility studies, cost analyses and alternatives analyses.
We provide instrumentation and geotechnical monitoring services, as well as technical assistance during construction. We also inspect and improve existing tunnels.
Innovative technology
We use 2D and 3D geotechnical soil models. We also have extensive experience with geotechnical and tunnelling software (FLAC3D, MIDAS GTS, PLAXIS 2D/3D, Rocscience, etc.), and use BIM technology for our geotechnical designs.


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    How we apply our expertise in different industries.

    We study
    We undertake multidisciplinary studies of all kinds so that our clients are able to make informed decisions and choose the very best solutions throughout the course of their projects.
    We design
    When it comes to designing infrastructure, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.
    We advise
    We have the expertise necessary to guide you on your journey of transformation and growth.
    We supervise
    Our broad portfolio of experience in this area has seen us supervise the construction and operations of large civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities around the globe.
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    We combine technology and engineering to deliver comprehensive management services able to meet all the needs of our clients.
    We implement IT solutions
    We implement, maintain and tailor technology solutions designed to make public- and private-sector companies more competitive.
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    We turn data into useful information in order to make the way systems are managed more efficient and optimise decision-making.