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    We engineer optimal processes for creating efficient and sustainable infrastructure based on thorough planning and in-depth analysis.


Leaders in infrastructure projects

There is no denying that transport infrastructure is an essential part of our daily lives. There are many regions in the world in need of new infrastructure, without which they will continue to be cut off and see their economic and social development stunted. Other regions already have a well-developed transport network in place but need to adapt it to rapidly increasing demand. Whatever the case may be, technical and technological solutions based on an approach to transport which is efficient and adapted to the specific region, as well as environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, are needed.

All our solutions make use of the most advanced, innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable technology. At Ayesa, we are committed to excellence, something which we are able to guarantee thanks to our extensive experience in the design and construction of large-scale infrastructure around the globe. The satisfaction, recognition and loyalty of our clients are what make it all worthwhile for us.

Current challenges

Governments need companies they can rely on to help them with their local infrastructure projects. In order to ensure their success, using innovative tools that add value to the process is essential. What’s more, having the technical and functional expertise necessary to design this kind of infrastructure is important, but it must be combined with knowledge on technology and environmental issues if it is to be efficient, resilient and sustainable.

Ayesa’s solution

Our well-established presence in various countries has given us in-depth knowledge of their specific needs when it comes to infrastructure. Our experience and expert teams mean we are able to easily determine the solutions that best meet our clients’ needs, showing them from the outset all the technical, financial and environmental implications . We use the most innovative tools and methodologies (BIM, AR/VR, drones, AI, etc.) to optimise projects and ensure tight technical and financial control.

Our expertise and technology

An an ETC (engineering, technology and consultancy) firm, we offer the competitive advantage of being able to seamlessly combine technical and functional expertise, and technology in one service. This allows us to offer innovative tools based on our know-how of functional requirements, as well as make the very best use of them.
Knowledge and experience
Thanks to our extensive experience, we are well aware of the challenges involved in each project, as well as the technical disciplines needed for each one. We have multidisciplinary teams with impressive international experience, who are highly specialised and committed to excellence, as well as to remaining up to date in their field and constantly improving how they do things.
Effectiveness and efficiency
The needs of our clients are constantly changing. However, at Ayesa this isn’t an issue, as our teams are able to quickly grasp their specific needs and offer them sound solutions without delay, something made possible by our unique way of working, which has been perfected over many years. Our ability to adapt to change and work under pressure means we are able to anticipate and quickly resolve any issues which arise.
Bringing technology to infrastructure
In order to offer optimal designs for infrastructure, as well as allow everyone involved to do their job effectively, we use the most innovative technology. In fact, over the past decade, we have become a global leader and pioneer in BIM, using this methodology for our projects in accordance with ISO 19650. Reality capture using drones and laser scanners, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and digital twins are just some of the forms of technology and services we offer and bring to the infrastructure we design, help build and maintain.

Our approach

Areas our work covers.
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Ayesa is set to expand its backlog in urban transport thanks to a new project involving the Santiago Metro in Chile

Ayesa is set to expand its backlog in urban transport thanks to a new project involving the Santiago Metro in Chile

Project management of the new Atotxa station in San Sebastian

Project management of the new Atotxa station in San Sebastian

Ayesa has been awarded the extension of the Oporto metro

Ayesa has been awarded the extension of the Oporto metro

  • Services we offer

    How we apply our expertise in different industries.

    We study
    We undertake multidisciplinary studies of all kinds so that our clients are able to make informed decisions and choose the very best solutions throughout the course of their projects.
    We design
    When it comes to designing infrastructure, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.
    We advise
    We have the expertise necessary to guide you on your journey of transformation and growth.
    We supervise
    Our broad portfolio of experience in this area has seen us supervise the construction and operations of large civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities around the globe.
    We manage
    We combine technology and engineering to deliver comprehensive management services able to meet all the needs of our clients.
    We implement IT solutions
    We implement, maintain and tailor technology solutions designed to make public- and private-sector companies more competitive.
    We install intelligence
    We turn data into useful information in order to make the way systems are managed more efficient and optimise decision-making.

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