• Processing plants

    Processing plants

    We develop processing facilities in many areas of industry and have a team of highly skilled professionals who offer nothing but outstanding results. We draw on our expertise to optimise the processes used to create the products on which today’s world depends.


Chemical, pharmaceutical, yeast and biotechnology solutions

At Ayesa, our experience in industrial plants includes all kinds of processes, involving everything from chemicals to bioproducts. Our projects span multiple areas of industry, where manufacturing processes, whether involving natural sources or complex chemicals, are key to obtaining the necessary intermediate and end products.

Our projects cover a wide range of facilities, from small-scale sites involved in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical goods and bioingredients to high-capacity plants that manufacture synthetic rubber, nylon, polymers and resins, and even yeast and amino acids. In the majority of cases and regardless of the area of industry, quality requirements are determined by the use of the end product This means that the processes involved must be designed by professionals with proven experience in order to ensure they fulfil their purpose.

However, a product or business might also be new. In such cases, extensive experience by those responsible for creating the processes used is especially important. This is because their success will depend on such processes being well designed, with pilot tests and experiences in the lab sometimes being used to help achieve this.

Nowadays, manufacturing plants are characterised by a heavy reliance on technology as well as a high degree of automation, two areas in which Ayesa has cutting-edge expertise.


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