• Industrial systems

    Industrial systems

    We design efficient and functional solutions by applying the most stringent international standards to ensure optimal safety and user conditions.


Effective solutions to complex challenges involving industrial installations

At Ayesa, for over 25 years we have been carrying out industrial projects involving industrial processing and manufacturing, large logistics facilities, food and agriculture, metallurgy, mining complexes and the chemical industry, to name but a few areas. These kinds of projects require a comprehensive design based on a holistic approach that seamlessly brings together multiple disciplines to achieve designs that offer a high level of efficiency, comfort, safety and environmental sustainability. We also provide the installations needed by unique buildings, conference centres, theatres, hospitals and large administrative sites to ensure they fulfil their purpose, are safe and offer optimal conditions for users.

We have experts in all the disciplines involved in industrial and residential buildings, including civil engineering, industrial engineering, geotechnics, topography, hydraulics, industrial processes and mechanics. All our designs comply with international standards and follow the FEL as well as PMI methodology for project management.


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