Natural Resources and the Environment

Nowadays, hydraulic engineering and the environment go hand-in-hand. Society and water users are demanding more than ever their rational and sustainable use.

Our planet is constantly growing and needs infrastructures to access the natural resources that allow for life to flourish, so that increasingly, living standards are increased. Unfortunately, easy access to these infrastructures is not possible in all territories and towns, nor is equity in access to resources a reality.

Ayesa has been immersed since its creation in 1966 in this challenge, being even greater today owing to the need for all of the foregoing to be undertaken in a sustainable, respectful and efficient way.

Technology plays a key role for the foregoing. Our civil and industrial engineers rely on technologies such as the digital twin to design complex hydraulic works, terrestrial, maritime and river infrastructures, and land management for the preservation of the environment.

The differential value of our engineering is the technology we apply on the functional knowledge we have acquired with experience. We develop and integrate cyber-physical systems that connect infrastructures with the world of data, and then implement platforms that allow efficient and sustainable exploitation.

Our approach

Dams and Hydroelectric Power Plants

Comprehensive services, from the design and supervision of construction to the operation and maintenance of dams. A commitment to clean energy, backed by experience.

Sanitation and Supply

Sustainable access to a basic good such as water, through projects developed with a global vision, with intelligent infrastructures that provide the best combination of technical and technological knowledge.

Treatment and Desalination

Ground-breaking solutions for water treatment. Extensive experience and skilled knowledge to meet the specific objectives of each project.

Transport and Use of Water

Streamlined designs of canals and large pipelines that efficiently supply the population, agriculture and industry, supported by experience and innovative technology.

Inland Waterway Engineering

Comprehensive solutions committed to backing the environment. Optimal design from sustainability, resilience and adaptation to climate change.

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