Kronos EDE and Kronos EE

As one of the products of the E3MEL research projects, Ayesa has been able to offer Endesa electricity meter data management (MDM) projects based on ready-to-market OPEN-SOURCE BigData products, allowing it to comply fully with the regulatory changes that have been introduced in Spain in connection with customer billing based on hourly measurements of domestic consumers through Smart-metering.

The BigData approach with open-source products outperforms the high-cost proprietary products offered by company's main competitors.

The KRONOS EDE project manages the problem of data acquisition based on Smart-metering systems and performs validations required by distributors on averages, as well as billing between the distributor and supplier. At the date of this article, 7.5 million curves were being processed daily in this project, growing to 12 million. It is the largest distributor MDM system in the world.

The KRONOS EE project also manages the problem of variable customer billing, offering products with highly flexible billing formulas that allow traders to position themselves with highly customized products for each type of customer. At the end of 2015, it was billing 7 million curves daily, growing to 12 million. This is the largest supplier MDM system in the world.

Together with E3MEL, they form the basis of a range of MDM products that Ayesa is offering worldwide.

One of the first sales was within the scope of ENEL itself with the PRISMA project, which will replace the KRONOS EDE project, but focusing on all ENEL distributors.