Study of property conditions for gas pipelines

Preparation of a valuation report of the properties affected by the passage of the gas pipeline, with the aim of providing Enagás with the necessary information for the preparation of its offer.

Along these lines, Ayesa has collaborated in the Tula-Villa de Reyes, Sinaloa-Sonora, Veracruz-Tula and Surandino Mexican pipeline system in Peru.


Determination of municipalities, ejidos, states
Quantification of affected properties
Preliminary determination of the type of land tenure in the trace and current legal situation
Preliminary determination of land uses
Estimation of stroke land values, termporal occupation
Determination of the existence of protected areas, archeological
Preliminary determination of conflicts
General environmental permitting procedures
Determination of strategies and procedures in accordance with the regulations in force to be applied, for the release of right-of-way and auxiliary facilities.
Quantification of crossings needed to process permission or authorization
Economic proposals for right-of-way release and ancillary installations
Total management budget of services, taxes, fees, notaries, registers or agreements
Time Scheduling