Management of the Electricity Rates Reduction System

Ayesa is responsible for the back office which processes requests received by Endesa for rates reductions. This is a programme regulated by the Spanish Government and aimed at low-income and economically disadvantaged facilities, which provides them with a discount on their electricity bill.

It is expected that around a million people will request this reduction. For accessing information in order to check that the individual requesting the reduction meets the income requirements, the system is connected to those belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. 

Ayesa is responsible for digitising paper requests, retrieving those submitted via other channels (email, web or in person), analysing all documents accompanying requests, including these documents on Endesa’s document management system, automating the recording of information pertaining to requests on the CRM system, checking requests meet requirements, exchanging information with the ministry, monitoring notifications sent to customers and managing contracts for customers who are granted the reduction.

Ayesa has created a pioneering BPO solution for this electricity company, based on an extremely high level of process automation and the use of leading technology, such as Salesforce, Abbyy, Talent, Siebel and UiPath.

  • Cloud-based solutions.
  • OCR/ICR techniques.
  • Process orchestration.
  • Integration with CRM.
  • RPA.